Inkabi Zezwe strike Gold with their new single
17/04/2023 11:15 in Music


Inkabi Zezwe strike Gold with their new single


When we learned that Sjava and Big Zulu were working in studio on music together, we waited in anticipation to hear what the two musical greats were cooking up.


They subsequently released a track titled ‘Umbayimbayi’ under the name ‘Inkabi Zezwe’


 They’re new release quickly sent shock waves to through the music industry with the song being warmly received by South Africans.


The track has been leading the radio chart for two consecutive weeks and it has garnered over 1 Million YouTube views since its release. Big Zulu and Sjava’s a collaborative album is set to drop in May2023 and the project and duo are set to reach the highest heights..


 An Instagram post by Big Zulu announced that Inkabi Zezwe’s first single ‘Umbayimbayi has gone Gold status 11 days after its release. “Thank you so much Mubarak you have scored Gold We really appreciate Inkabizewe,” wrote Big Zulu


 Following the success of their lead single, Inkabi Zezwe announced that they will embark on a nationwide tour for their forthcoming album “Ukhamba.” “Inkabi Zezwe (@sjava_atm & @bigzulu_sa ) are going on tour. Get your tickets now.” Read the post.


The Inkabi Zezwe album tour will take place in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Capetown and Durban from June to September 2023. The tour has been made possible by Warner Music Africa, who also made it possible for South Africa to witness the greatness of collaborating by bringing together the biggest artists in the country.


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