Maphorisa and Thuli P release official statement
16/05/2023 11:30 in Lifestyle

Following Dj Maphorisas arrest at the hands of his socialite and Dj girlfriend Thuli Phongolo, The ba Straata hitmaker had his day in court and was later released on bail.

The DJ got jailed after allegedly assaulting his lover; she reported the case to SAPs which she later withdrew but Phori was released on bail.

DJ Maphorisa and his lover, Thulisile Phongolo release an official statement following the case of assault.

Taking to social media on Monday, the two released a statement; read below:

“Being public figures, it is unavoidable that the public, media, and their respective commercial partners all have an interest in this matter. Accordingly, they have decided to release this joint statement as the official and exclusive statement in the matter.”


“The matter has received mixed public attention, causing a great deal of emotional stress on both parties involved. It is on this basis that the parties have since elected to resolve this matter privately through their receptive management and legal teams. Consequently, Phongolo has since withdrawn the charges laid against Sekowe at the SAPS, Sandton Station.”

“Both parties have noted with concern, the disparaging, defamatory and (in some instances) untrue remarks, statements and reports emanating from the incident and view these in a serious light. The parties reserve their rights to individually pursue legal action against persons making defamatory and. or false statements in relations to this matter.”

“It is the desire of both parties to return to their respective fields of work following the now concluded private resolution of this matter. Neither of the parties have any intention to allow this private matter to impact their respective, or the other party’s brand and professional interests. They request the public to give them the time and space to return to their work unhindered.”




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