Tino dedicates his first musical project to his son
04/08/2023 11:26 in Music

Tino Chinyani is a multi-talented individual known for his diverse roles as an artist, television personality, international model, entrepreneur, influencer, and motivational speaker. With an impressive portfolio and a charismatic presence, Tino has made waves across various industries, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment and fashion worlds.

Continuously seeking new avenues for self-expression, Tino embarks on his latest career venture as a musician. With an ardent passion for storytelling, he aims to captivate audiences through his music, connecting with them on a deeper emotional level.


Tiyani" is a Xitsonga word directly translated as "Be Strong," which is the desired musical effect as it is received by the ears of its listeners. Tino Chinyani releases his much-anticipated first full body of work, titled "Tiyani". This five-track EP comes after a surprising debut in the music industry, and if we had doubts before, this project establishes that this man is a musician.



"Tiyani" is described as the quest to conquer fear, a true message of resilience and perseverance. To remain within the soulful knowing that life can be enjoyed and you can find something that relates and inspires you across the continental African remedy of music, that it is healing. "My art is set to be an expression of who I am, my passion, my love, the memories, the ups and downs of my journey so far, and that everything I had experienced was preparing me for something beautiful, and all of this is for my son."


Produced by Vugar M Beats, a new sound that compliments different up-tempo fusions of afrobeat and hip-hop rhythms is far from anything genre-specific. We hear a pioneer of the sound introducing Tiyani to the game. He welcomes him fully mastered within the instrumental and vocal range of someone who has been doing this for a lifetime. This EP is truly a masterpiece and a fine work of art.


Writer: Palesa Magadla

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