Kwaito legend Professor releases new dance track “Patrek”
11/08/2023 17:17 in Music

Mkhonzeni "Professor" Langa started as a member of a family group comprised of siblings, including Character, an award-winning Kwaito artist popularly known for his hit song "Ex Ongasolveki". They were discovered by the late Tiny Siluma, of Tiny and Khanyo fame. Together, Tiny and Stax introduced Professor and his band to Spikiri, who was then the producer behind the then-well-known Kwaito group 'Vibe Squad'.In 1996, Professor and his siblings moved to Johannesburg to pursue their music career dreams. That's when Professor was introduced to music producer and Joyous Celebration founder Lindelani Mkhize, who was then the executive director at Sony. Later, Professor and his brothers went on to form another group called Freeze and added two other members.


Only in the year 2000 did Professor and Spikiri reunite as they worked on the Vibe Squad project. In 2003, Professor was signed to Kalawa Jazmee Records, and that's when he started ghostwriting for some Kalawa projects. Professor got Oskido's attention and started featuring him on some B.O.P. tracks, in which T'zozo was also featured. At Kalawa Jazmee Records, Professor was paired up with an already established Kwaito singer, Tzozo, and together they formed a duo known as Tzozo & Professor. Tzozo & Professor's rise coincided with the emergence of the Durban Kwaito Music subgenre, which evolved from the original genre that was pioneered by the same record company that signed them, Kalawa Jazmee Records. While together, the duo released three albums: “Woze Durban”, “Amantombazane” and “Magazine”. The duo dissolved in 2008, but Professor went solo and released his debut album in 2010, 'University of Kalawa Jazmee' which sold triple platinum. Its lead single, titled “Jezebel”, was a runaway success and catapulted him to even higher levels of success as an artist. Not only did he scoop all the awards he was nominated for, but he also became very influential in South African dance culture. He wrote and was featured in hit songs by other artists such as Uhuru, Heavy K, KOTW, Alaska, and many more.


The 'Imoto Entshontshimali' hit-maker has just done what he is famous for on this latest masterpiece offering, the Patrek (Azvibhadari) single.


This time around, the award-winning Kwaito muso teams up with a long-time Zimbabwean international Kwaito genius Diliza well known for his hit song ‘Umcimbi'. On this track, he is blessing us with hard-core and spirit-restoring Shona (Zimbabwean language) lyrics.

This masterpiece came to life through the genius sounds of Pex Africah and his partner, DJ Shoza from Namibia. Rupertz, as they call their movement (Pex Africah and DJ Shoza), are no strangers to dance music lovers. They have produced for giants like Gazza from Namibia, including many offerings from our very own Professor.


The song is simply a praise and consciousness movement, which makes people relate better since Professor's sound has been about Patrek (Azvibhadari), talking about faith and reviving humanity


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