Paxton Unveils Mesmerising New Single 'Be There' Featuring Majorsteez
18/09/2023 09:49 in Music

Internationally recognised recording artist Paxton is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of her highly anticipated single, "Be There," featuring the dynamic duo Majorsteez. The single is taken from Paxton’s forthcoming studio album “23:23” which is due for release on October 27th 


"Be There" is a mesmerizing fusion of contemporary South African sounds, with a pronounced amapiano influence. Paxton, known for her remarkable vocal prowess, has taken a warm and smooth approach to the vocals in this track, ensuring that listeners are treated to an auditory masterpiece.


Paxton explains her inspiration behind "Be There", saying: "This song was inspired by a lot of South African sounds, and it carries a heavy amapiano influence. I wanted to create a song that highlights the strength and empowerment of a woman making the first move in pursuing a romantic connection. In a world where we often hear about men pursuing women, I believe there's immense power in women expressing their feelings and desires openly."


With her soulful voice and emotionally charged lyrics, Paxton invites audiences to experience a tale of love, desire, and the unapologetic pursuit of one's heart's desire. "Be There" embodies the essence of boldness and authenticity, making it a track that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level.


"Be There" marks yet another milestone in Paxton's illustrious career and with this latest release she continues to push the boundaries of her craft and explores new horizons in the music industry.


Paxton and Majorsteez are poised to set the music scene ablaze with their electrifying collaboration.

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