Masedi ZA puts #Sothoboysworldwide on the Map
12/10/2023 16:06 in Music

Masedi ZA is a talented and energetic hip-hop artist who refers to his art as 'Sotho Trap'.


Masedi ZA started his music career in 2014 and has featured the likes of Hopemasta and Real Deal, just to name a few. The 32-year-old talent is not only an artist, but he is also a BCom Accounting Graduate from the University of Johannesburg, and he aims to inspire the youth through his music. He contradicts what many would deem the norm in the hip-hop industry, which is a stereotype that artists need to drop out of school in order to make it in the music industry. He is of the view that education should be used as a weapon to improve one’s self.

Masedi ZA saw a niche in the industry when he realized that artists had adopted isiZulu as a common and popular vernacular language, and that’s when he decided to promote the Sesotho language and educate his audience through his music. This commitment to his roots sets him apart from his peers and is one of his most endearing qualities. An upcoming trailblazer in the industry, the singer/rapper plans on bringing back the South African heritage of Vernac through his new-age sound (Sotho Trap).


This young and talented artist's first single was titled 'SHO’ which launched him in the South African hip-hop scene and put Sesotho Rap on the SA music radar. The single 'SHO' was an exuberant song that elicits a sense of euphoria, accompanied by an admirable beat that sets off any dance floor. The captivating song relates to the current positive situation in South Africa. “Don’t stress; be happy that you’re still alive,” says Masedi ZA when expressing the message behind his song.

His future plans are to expand the target market in regards to how people digest Sotho Trap music. Currently, there is a very strong following in the Vaal and in the Free State. He's looking to expand into Gauteng, the rest of the country, and eventually the world - #Sothoboysworldwide.


His latest offering is a much anticipated, well-crafted 14-track album titled ‘Sedi Laka’, with monumental music statements such as '30 Million', 'Tsa Maleven', and '3AM in Milan'. The album features contributions from the likes of King B, Frog, and Nathi. A notable track is ‘Trap Tsa Milano’, which Masedi says: "This song is a daily representation of our hustle through this musical journey and how we really want to see the Sotho sound pay off one day. This is the first song that was created for this project during the 2020 pandemic. The sound was so unique that we had to define it, and one of the titles that came to mind was ‘Trap Tsa Milano’. This sound gave birth to many other songs that I recorded after it."


Another song Masedi holds close to his heart is 'Take It Easy'- a daily motivation for people not to be in a hurry but to be patient because God is working overtime on every individual. "Our time will come, and this is a testimony to the work he’s done for me from where I’ve started to now." - Masedi.

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