DJ Sabby on his attempts to boost tourism industry after hosting Bloemfontein’s Blackdoor Experience launch
19/10/2023 15:10 in Lifestyle

On Wednesday, October 18, DJ Sabby jetted off to Bloemfontein, Free State to host the launch of the inaugural Blackdoor Experience - this as one of his attempts to boost the economy following the severe plunge the SA tourism industry struggled amid the Covid-19  pandemic.


The highly anticipated outdoor event, scheduled to take place on December 16 at Ramblers Club in Bloemfontein is set to be an extension of the club’s vibrant nightlife reputation.


“I've always felt like the whole province of The Free State is overlooked when we talk about SA tourism. There is so much history and iconic locations are placed within the province. The Basotho Cultural Village is here in the Free State and the Golden Gate Highlands Park are just some of the places one must see. If you love a good adventure you can experience white river rafting - dramatic scenery, remote wilderness, exciting rapids, and African charm,” Sabby said.


“Bloemfontein also has a great vibrant energy when it comes to its nightlife. A city that's open to new concepts to their nightlife. Lovers of good music and a market that's craving for more experiences. So to bring these experiences to them is a great move.”


Ekhayeni has been of service to the community for over two decades and took up the initiative to host the event to elevate the company and push for the next level outside of its comfort zone.


“It's hard not to support such a vision. This will boost the economy of the province, and Bloemfontein as a city. People from outside of Bloem will travel to the city. Local businesses will get a boost, young people will get a chance to work via employment opportunities created by the event, and the hotels and B&B establishments will get a boost that weekend.”


Equally exciting news, the Blackdoor Experience has partnered with Paramount as the exclusive television sponsor for the event.


“There are plenty of positives that come out of hosting such a big event. The partnership with Paramount will also see local talent get the spotlight which is a great stride in empowering local talent and exposing them to a bigger audience outside their reach.”


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