Hitmaker Sofiya Nzau Represents Her Country With Kikuyu
02/04/2024 16:44 in Music

‘Mwaki’ and ‘Your Love’ hitmaker, Sofiya Nzau returns this season with a brand new body of work titled titled Kikuyu House alongside Fully Focus.

Sofiya has over four million monthly listeners on Spotify and her hit single Mwaki has over a whopping fifty million streams on the music streaming app alone.

She is a force to be reckoned with and she is on a mission to make the Kikuyu language heard by the universe.

Focus and Sofiya are unique souls with one heart and the mission is simple, they want to take East African music to the world.

Hailing from the captivating East African landscapes of Murang'a, Kenya, Sofiya Nzau, recently visited South Africa to record some new material with local artists and she also had the opportunity to perform at the prestigious Ultra music festival alongside Major League DJz.

This was the first time that she performed live for a huge crowd of nearly 500,000 attendees and she is all set for even bigger stages worldwide.

Their music has already garnered much attention throughout Europe and beyond, owing it to Nzau’s vocal packs which have led to various releases by some of the worlds best electronic dance music producers.

The EP’s leading title track ‘Mwanake’ is a new rendition of the classical Kenyan tune which is an important love story in Kenya.

“Mwanake” tells a story of finding love in the most unexpected places and packages, echoing the timeless theme of legendary Kikuyu singer JB Maina’s earlier hit“ Tiga Kumute”.

The single transcends beyond mere entertainment, delving into the nuances of love and surprise, making it relatable to a global audience.

The sound of the project can be described as an enticing, ethnic groove that encompasses descending melodies, dramatic sound effects and synth elements to perfectly underpin the outstanding vocal performance provided by Sofiya.

The rest of the five track EP has soul captivating songs such as Geithia Mundu, E Muoyo, Mwanake as well as Mucie Riddim.

Sofiya's passion for music was ignited at a young age, where her soulful voice resonated within the walls of her local church. As the years unfolded, she evolved into a sought -after singer and songwriter, establishing herself as a cornerstone for numerous house DJs and producers around the world.

In her latest triumph, Sofiya partnered with Zerb from Brazil to birth "Mwaki," a collaboration that stands as the most viral song globally gaining over 6 million views on Spotify within the first month of release.

This musical masterpiece has garnered colossal support from some of the biggest people in the music industry and found a place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. Notable playlists on Spotify have embraced "Mwaki," solidifying Sofiya's status as a rising international sensation.

Kikuyu House EP is available everywhere via Passport Music Group.

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