Johannesburg Water warns of possible outages due to low levels in reservoirs
30/01/2023 12:35 in News

Johannesburg Water has warned residents in parts of the city may experience low water pressure from their taps, with the possibility of no having water in some areas due to low levels in reservoirs. 

It said its systems at Crosby, Brixton, Hurst Hill, Crown Gardens, Linden and Eagles Nest are at critically low levels.

“Customers in higher lying areas will experience no water/poor pressure. Alternate supply is arranged for sensitive customers, such as hospitals, and customers in higher lying areas,” Johannesburg Water said. 

Over the weekend water supply in western areas of the city was constrained due to a power outage at the Eikenhof pump station. 

Johannesburg Water has confirmed City Power has completed repairs at the pump station and pumping has resumed at full capacity.

“Rand Water reservoirs will need to recover before a positive effect can be seen through improved levels at Johannesburg Water systems,” the utility said. 

It said it is monitoring supply to the Commando system (Crosby, Brixton and Hurst Hill)  and Rand Water direct feeds to Cornelius Street, Weltevreden high pressure, Weltevreden high pressure bypass, Honeydew tower, Linden tower, Riverlea Ext 2, Florida tower, Constantia tower, Helderkruin reservoir and tower, Witpoortjie reservoir and tower, Crown Gardens reservoir and tower and Eagle Nest reservoir. 

Johannesburg Water said predicted cooler weather over the next few days will assist in lowering demand, which affects the maintenance of capacity.

It requested customers to continue reducing consumption, only using water for human and household needs to “significantly assist in the recovery of the affected systems”.

The utility said work is progressing as planned to repair the transmission line between the Orlando and Eikenhof substations. 

On Monday morning, residents in parts of the city were complaining about not having water supplies.

Image: Thapelo Morebudi/ File photo

Writer : Belinda Pheto


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